Topkapi Palace


This photo is of the Library of Ahmet III, just one small building at the palace. Perhaps every school kid ın the country was there en masse, so it was a game of trying to get to each of the … Continue reading

Aya Sofya


My first day in Istanbul I went to the Aya Sofya. Built in the sixth century, it was the largest church in the world for about a thousand years until the Ottoman invasion, when it was turned into a mosque. … Continue reading

Johnsonburg, PA


Not quite to Turkey yet. This paper mill is on my way home. The yellow sodium lights make the scene almost as monochrome as this photo.

Turkey 2010


I just bought a plane ticket, and I’ll be headed to Turkey for a couple weeks after Christmas. I’m not sure how often I’ll have Internet access, but I’ll try to upload some posts and photos during the trip and … Continue reading

Valley of Fire


After we got out of the canyon, we had a couple days in Las Vegas, so David and I went for a side trip to the Valley of Fire State Park about an hour away. My brother Adam brought me … Continue reading

Grand Canyon


A  few weeks ago I went on a backpacking trip with some friends in the Grand Canyon. It was a great time. My friend Dave leads these trips for the Sierra club, but this one was just four friends going. … Continue reading

Hoover Dam


We hit Hoover Dam on the way to the canyon. I didn’t notice before how Art Deco it was.