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  • What Hurricane?

    It looks like we’re done with this storm. There’s been some rain and gusts but nothing serious. We closed up the shelter about ten this morning, twenty-four hours after opening them yesterday. I drove a truck down to another shelter and brought back the unused supplies and food. A couple dozen volunteers showed up today […]

  • Spork

    This morning we brought some supplies to eight shelters in Broward county. The food was already in place, but we brought some blankets, first-aid supplies, and toys and games for the kids. Since then I’ve been at a shelter at Arthur Ashe Middle School. I’m spending the night here to help out. There are not […]

  • Ernesto Who?

    If this sort of thing continues I might have to rename this blog. I arrived here in sunny Fort Lauderdale last night for a class I had planned to take this week. Today at noon, after everyone else in the class bailed out and it was just the instructor and I, we decided to cancel […]

  • Gettysburg

    Today was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride. I headed out onto some of my favorite back roads in northern Baltimore county, headed toward Gettysburg, PA, and made it back six hours later. I should sleep well tonight. Apparently, everybody else with a bike had the same idea. There were a lot of Harleys […]

  • VT

    It’s been a busy month. Tonight I’m off to Northern Vermont to re-qualify for my Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification. It’s not like I’m planning to become an Outward Bound leader any time soon, but it’s a great program and it makes sense to stay current. This photo from Hamilton Pool Park near Austin. It […]

  • Austin

    So far I’m enjoying Austin. It’s smaller downtown than I expected. It kind of reminds me of Nashville. Yesterday I saw an exhibit of Christo and Jean-Claude’s work at the Austin Museum of Art. No, they didn’t have the Reichstag museum, just a model and a number of sketches and preliminary drawings which I kind […]

  • Anyone for Tennis?