Oh, That Earthquake

Because of the twelve hour time difference and the fact that I’ve was in the middle of nowhere all of yesterday, I’m just getting info about this now. It looks like a mess down there. It’s noon-thirty Monday here and I guess this hit yesterday morning. I’ll make a few phone calls, but it’s after midnight at home.

Two nights ago I was talking to people asking questions about how I should get to Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, and Phuket. It looks like it might have to wait until a different trip. I might redirect to Vietnam and skip the south of Thailand.

Being at home with the news on everywhere, It’s probably hard to understand how close I have been to not hearing about this Earthquake at all. Other than seeing some footage of messed up beaches on the news last night on a Lao broadcast, and some French travelers mentioning it this morning, I still wouldn’t have heard of it. I’m in an Internet cafe and I’ve just begun to read about it.

Everything is good here. I’m going to be in Laos for a few days, and I’ll figure out where to go from here. Most of Thailand is fine, but I might have to miss out on kayaking.

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6 responses to “Oh, That Earthquake”

  1. Hey Jason,
    You had me and Josh worried there for a while, but we are relieved to hear that you are ok. You’ll remain in our prayers and stay safe over there.
    Josh and Robin

  2. Hey Buddy –

    We’re glad you are okay. We were pretty worried about you for a while. It was hard to imagine that you were entirely insulated from the quake based on the disaster reports we have been hearing. I’m VERY happy to hear that you were!

    Stay safe buddy!!

    -Rich and Nora

  3. They say God takes care of fools and little children. Giving thanks here that also included are foolish children. I’m sure you know what was going through everyone’s minds. Next year could you plan a road trip to Iowa or something?

  4. hi jason – glad to hear all is ok, the news looked pretty scary! enjoy and keep taking note 😉

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