Headed Home

I’m on my way home. There’s a long bus ride to the border then to Bangkok. Then there’s a long series of flights, so I’ll be moving for 40-some hours. I’ll send out another post once I get home, which should be Saturday afternoon at your GMT minus 5.00. Thanks for reading.

Adam (and any other motorcycle people who are lurking), look into the Honda Africa Twin, or the Suzuki DR 800 or DR 350. I think the two bigger ones don’t get imported into the US, but the DR 350 with a bigger tank, saddle bags and a better seat might be sweet for South America. There were times the last few days when going through rough dirt and rocks or through sand, when I was glad to have a light-weight bike. It would be great to go on a trip with you. The DR 350 is supposed to be a rock-solid engine. It needs more research.

I’ll see you all soon.

PS. I am in no way superstitious, but if you are never name a motorcycle “La Poderosa.” Yesterday, I lost all electrical on it and had to roll-start it to get back from nowhere. An old rice farmer helped push. They had bypassed the main fuse with some strands of wire which of course came loose.

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  1. But that is Spanish for “The Powerful One”. Was it not powerful? Must have been powerful enough at one time to blow it’s fuse…. 🙂

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