Finally, Some Blue Ridge Photos

Alright so it’s been more than a month since I got back from the trip and I still hadn’t posted pictures. It was a great trip. My friend John joined me on his Valkerie, which has an engine only slightly smaller than my first car, and considerably more powerful. Here’s another picture from the camp out. Have you ever seen a 1200 GS with a sidecar?

The ride was great again this year. Here’s a shot of the two bikes at Basin Cove Overlook. We hit great weather the whole time with the exception of a little bit of rain on the last day. Another friend, Steve, road down to meet us on his V-Strom for the last couple hundred miles. V-Stroms are fun to ride.

I really didn’t take many pictures during the trip this time, but here’s a photo of Mabry Mill. It’s a beautiful spot, right along the edge of the parkway. Next year I’d like to take three days each way and have a few days down there. There are so many fun roads in western North Carolina that I haven’t found a boring one yet. In addition to the paved roads, one of the riders down there said that the Forest Service maintains 9500 miles of dirt and gravel roads in that area.

John and Steve, thanks for joining up. I’m looking forward to riding with you again soon. Also, Rob, it was good to see you again. Next time, I’ll have a few more days to get dirty. Hopefully, Adam will be able to join us next year.

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